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ProTem provides executive and administrative assistance to C-Level Executives, Managers and Business Owners. We work with a high degree of professionalism, knowledge and confidentiality for clients who prefer to outsource administrative tasks. Our experience encompasses Mining and Exploration, finance, manufacturing, consulting, and property management industries.

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"While I was away on vacation, Karen provided temporary executive assistant support. It made all the difference. Karen picked up my phone messages, she was available to potential clients who needed to speak with someone, and she coordinated with two lawyers’ offices to schedule a mediation for when I got back.

I felt relaxed and confident knowing that my administrative needs were in her capable hands, and that she was just an email or a phone call away. She was extremely flexible and willing to step in and do what was needed. Frankly, it also makes me look good to have a professional, well-spoken person acting on my behalf.

If you know you need admin support or suspect it could make your life easier or make you look better, too, then please reach out to Karen."

Jeanette Bicknell, Ph.D., C.Med
Principled Dispute Resolution and Consulting

ProTem Outsourcing

Why Outsource to ProTem?

Managers and business owners should spend time on high value activities.

Free up precious time by delegating administrative tasks to ProTem.
Administration is an important function but it’s not a competitive differentiator.

Focus on business strategies while ProTem handles day-to-day administration.
You may be short of staff but administration still needs to be done.

Fill the void with ProTem to keep administration from falling behind.
Outsourcing administration is cost effective, especially when a full-time resource is not in the budget.

Pay-as-you-go with ProTem for special projects and peak periods.
Full time employees are costly and can be high maintenance.

With ProTem it doesn’t cost you benefits, vacation time or office space – plus there’s no drama.
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