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Did you tell your Admin?

If you Google “communicating,” the top five items that appear are: 1) open meeting 2) emails 3) one on one 4) use presentations 5) communication via training. There are many ways of keeping your assistant in the loop, but I’m not referring to the tools used to communicate as much as what is communicated. It’s been my experience that most people in an organization believe they communicate well because they:
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I'm supposed to do what?

The day I told my husband that employment with my last company had a definite end-date, was the day that he suggested I start a virtual assistance company. The year spent working toward launching ProTem Executive Assistance was very exciting; stressful, but exciting. Caught up in the busy-ness of a new venture, ensuring all the necessary pieces were in place, I didn't think of the things I would need to do that I was uncomfortable doing - like blogging.
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