Karen Mrkonjic is the principal of ProTem Executive Assistance.

Early in my career I worked in various administrative support roles in the financial industry including a trust company, brokerage firm and bank. I branched out and worked for temporary agencies and was able to broaden my exposure to manufacturing, consulting and property management companies.

After taking a six year hiatus to raise a family, I reentered the work force and joined one of the world’s prominent mining and exploration companies. During a period of sixteen years at the Canadian head office, I provided executive assistance to various presidents, vice-presidents, exploration and technical teams. I gained a good understanding of mining and exploration in Canada and played a valuable support role for executives, managers and project teams.

I started ProTem Executive Assistance as a means to continue providing support to companies through a high degree of professionalism, knowledge and confidentiality. Mining and exploration companies in particular will gain from what I bring to the table but they are by no means the only industry that will benefit from my services.

I look forward to working with you.

Karen Mrkonjic
Karen Mrkonjic
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