Core Values

ProTem Professional


ProTem maintains a high level of professionalism at all times when working with clients. During an engagement, ProTem will become a valuable member of your team.

Taking charge of assignments and doing what it takes to get the job done is always the objective. Staying clear of distractions ensures time is spent focusing on things that are important. The quality of work and deliverables will be top notch. You can count on ProTem being well organized, working efficiently and delivering on time.
ProTem Knowledgeable


ProTem’s knowledge comes from many years of experience working with C-Level executives, managers and project teams. That means knowing what to do and getting the job done. These are some of the qualities a client can expect to see from a ProTem executive assistant:
  • Meeting expectations in a timely manner
  • Following company procedures and being adaptable
  • Keeping up to date with new ways of doing things
  • Contributing ideas that add value to a project
  • Grasping new concepts and technology despite not being formally educated in a particular field
Once a client and ProTem are comfortable working together, ProTem can be left alone to get the job done and will anticipate things not asked for by the client.
ProTem Confidential


When you hire ProTem you can count on the utmost confidentiality of your documents and proprietary information. No documents will be shared with anyone outside of your organization unless instructed otherwise. All communications via email, telephone and in person will be kept private. Prior to an engagement, ProTem will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement at your discretion.

Security of your information is equally important. All computer files are encrypted and backed up regularly. ProTem does not store or share any files in the cloud unless requested by a client. If it is necessary to keep a hard copy of any documents, they are stored in a locked cabinet. Discarded hard copies are destroyed using a cross-cut shredder.

For more information on confidentiality and security, clients will be furnished with a copy of our “Policies and Procedures for Confidentiality and Security of Client Information”.