Pricing & Packages

Pay As You Go

Pay as you go: $55 per hour

Pay as you go by for executive assistance for short term assignments, ad hoc projects or last minute requests. ProTem will get the job done working virtually, on-site or a combination of both. As your needs increase and become more frequent, switch to the Best Rate or request a quote for long term assistance.

First time clients receive two hours free on your first 10 hour booking.

Assistant for a Day

12 hours - $600; 10 hours - $500; 8 hours - $400

If you’re travelling to the Greater Toronto Area and need local support for your itinerary, or you're local and need help a trade show for example, then hire a ProTem Assistant for a Day. For up to twelve hours a day ProTem will work by your side. This is ideal if your schedule is packed and changing on the go. You will have ready access to an assistant to handle detailed tasks while you work on more high value activities.
Best Rate

Best Rate: $50 per hour

Take advantage of the best rate when you need a knowledgeable ProTem assistant on a regular basis. Book time in advance and use those hours when needed. Allocate the hours across multiple tasks, managers and project teams. When the hours are used up, simply reserve more time at the best rate.

A minimum of 40 hours per booking qualifies for the Best Rate.
Contract Rate



When you need long term assistance for vacation coverage, seasonal periods or special projects, request a quote from ProTem for a contract rate. A one month commitment for a minimum of 20 hours per week is required. Coverage for up to one year is available
Communications Package

Communications Assistant

$450 monthly; $125 weekly

Your time is too valuable to become a slave to your phone. The simple solution is to offload your communication tasks to an assistant from ProTem. This frees up your time to focus on high value and strategic activities.


Email Management
  • Screening all incoming messages
  • Tagging high priority messages that need your immediate attention
  • Replying to messages on your behalf when appropriate
  • Filing messages in folders and keeping your inbox clear
  • Deleting spam and unimportant messages
Voicemail Management
  • • Screening all messages and taking appropriate action
  • Collecting contact information and forwarding to you by email
  • Forwarding messages to the appropriate person
  • Deleting unimportant messages
Calendar Management
  • Scheduling appointments with co-workers, vendors and other parties
  • Rescheduling meetings where necessary
  • Reminders for important meetings
  • Conference call booking
Add-on Services: $125 each
  • Contact management in CRM system
  • General company mailbox management “”
  • General company voicemail management “Press 0 to leave a message”
Tradeshow Follow-up

Tradeshow Follow-up

$2.75 per business card; minimum 25

While attending a tradeshow you collect business cards from the many new contacts you met. Upon returning to the office, not only is there a backlog of work from being away for a few days, but you also have to enter the new contacts into your CRM. Let ProTem help you keep the momentum going and follow-up on your behalf with each of these new contacts.


  • Enter each business card into your CRM (Outlook, Insightly, Pipedrive etc.)
  • Mark the lead as hot, warm or cold
  • Mail a thank you note or send an email follow-up
  • Send a LinkedIn network request
CRM Starter

CRM Starter

$50 per hour; minimum 4 hours

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is about managing your pipeline of leads and opportunities. If you’re new to CRM, this package from ProTem will get you started. In just a few days you’ll be tracking selling activities and have a clear view of new opportunities.


  • Register an Insightly account
  • Create custom fields
  • Establish sales pipeline or milestones
  • Set automated tasks
  • Create email templates
  • Import contacts
Direct Mail

Direct Mail

$1.75 per recipient + supplies + postage

Direct mail is an excellent means to connect with prospects and customers. However, it can be labour intensive to put together the mailer, especially if you are not comfortable with mail merge techniques. ProTem will complete the mailer on your behalf quickly and efficiently.


  • Prepare source document
  • Setup mail merge
  • Print letters and labels
  • Stuff and seal envelopes
  • Affix postage
  • Deliver to post office